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Legacy Hotels & Resorts Limited – Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – Our registration reference:  Z9337904 – Our registration start date:  17 January 2006

You authorise Us to use, store or otherwise process any personal information, including but not limited to, your name and address, which personally identifies you (‘Personal Information’) to enable Us, our affiliates, our partners, successors (including the purchaser of the whole or part of our business), associates, sub-contractors or other third parties (together our ‘Partner Companies’) to provide services and products which are available through the Website.

You agree that, as regards the use of any personal data, as defined in the Act, you will comply with the provisions of the Act insofar as they applicable to you.

We, or any member of Legacy Hotels, may use the Personal Information to send you information about new products and services which we think may be of interest to you, unless you opt out by contacting us as described at the end of this Privacy Policy.

If you would like us to pass on your Personal Information to our Partner Companies so that they may contact you with details of products and services which may interest you, please contact Us in the manner set out at the end of this Privacy Policy. Please be aware that Partner Companies may be located in countries outside the EEA that do not have laws to protect your information.

If, in the course of you using the services on the Website, you provide Us with Personal Information which relates to your racial or ethnic origin or opinions, religion or other beliefs of a similar nature (‘Sensitive Data’) We will not disclose this Sensitive Data to any person for any reason without your express prior consent.

We may transfer or disclose Personal Information, to our professional advisers and to such other parties as We consider necessary, for the administration of the Website and related business or if required to disclose such information by law.

We may aggregate statistics, responses to any surveys and questionnaires, traffic patterns and related site information and disclose such aggregate data to third parties for marketing, advertising or other promotional purposes but such aggregate data will not include any Personal Information. To enable Us to monitor and improve our Website, We gather and record on our servers certain aggregated information about you when you use it, including without limitation, details of your operating system, browser version, domain name and IP address, the URL you came from and go to and the parts of our Website you visit. Such information is primarily used to provide you with an enhanced on-line experience.

We use cookies (small files which are stored on your hard drive by our browser) to monitor your use of the Website during the time you access it. However we do not use the information these cookies collect at any point after you have stopped accessing the Website.

You must at all times ensure that the Personal Information you provide is accurate and complete and all registration details (where applicable) shall contain your real name, address and other requested details. You will notify Us of any changes to these as soon as you are able so that We can update our records.

You are solely responsible for your Personal Information and We may take any action with respect to your Personal Information We deem necessary or appropriate if We believe it may cause Us to suffer any loss, liability or commercial damage.

Any information provided by you in connection with any transaction regarding your credit or debit card numbers, expiry date and billing or delivery address will be used by Us, or by others on our behalf, to process the transaction. These details will be stored on a secure server and encrypted and may be used by Us to facilitate and personalise future transactions with you.

Whilst We will take all reasonable steps to protect your Personal Information, We cannot guarantee the security of any Personal Information you disclose online. You accept the inherent security implications of dealing on-line over the Internet and will not hold Us responsible for any breach of security unless We have been negligent and then only to the limits set out in the terms and conditions for this Website.

You can opt out of receiving communications from Us by sending an e-mail to

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Statement on cookies

By using our website, you agree to our Website Terms & Conditions.

Take a look at our Privacy Policy to find our more on how we collect and use personal data.

When you visit our websites we may use cookies. Cookies allow us to identify the computer or device you’re using to access our website – BUT WE CAN’T IDENTIFY YOU PERSONALLY.


You can set up your web browser to refuse cookies, but this means you may not be able to use all of the website’s features.

We may use cookies for tracking your journey through our site, how you came to the site and whether you moved on to our booking engine. These cookies help us understand how our customers are using the website, so we can make things better.

By using our websites, you agree to us using cookies as set out in our Statement on Cookies.


Read through this section for all you need to know about what cookies are and how we may use them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by us or our partners. They let us identify the device you’re using – but not you personally. This information is sent back to our systems as you move around our website.

Cookies are unique to the web browser you’re using – so if you’re using a desktop computer as well as a mobile, different data will be collected for each.

Cookies can be set by the owner of the website you’re on. These are known as 1st Party Cookies. There are also 3rd Party Cookies that can be set by partner websites. Only the owner of the cookie can see the anonymous information it collects.

You can choose to accept all cookies, reject 3rd Party Cookies or reject all cookies by changing your internet browser settings. If you don’t accept cookies, some features of our website won’t work.

How we use cookies

Booking our Hotels online
When you’re buying something on our website, we need to use cookies to keep track of what you’re booking as you move through each stage of the booking process.

Improving your experience
We may use cookies and software programmes to record, measure and analyse how our customers use our website. We use this information to understand what you want from our website.

Refusing cookies and changing your mind after you’ve accepted.

Refusing cookies
You can change your browser settings to accept or refuse all cookies, choose which cookies you want or don’t want, or ask to be notified when a cookie is set. Use the help feature in your browser to see how.

Changing your mind after you’ve accepted our cookies
If you change your mind after you’ve accepted our cookies, you’ll find an option within your internet browser to clear cookies that have already been set. Use the help feature in your browser to see how. You’ll then need to change your browser settings to refuse cookies in future.