29th November 2017

Our top tips for the perfect proposal

Christmas and New Year are two of the most popular times of year for marriage proposals. The festivities, and being surrounded by family and friends, makes it an ideal time to pop the question. To help any budding romantics, we have put together some tips on making sure the big moment goes to plan.

As with all important events, planning is key, especially as the proposal story is one that will be told for the rest of your life! Therefore, every element needs careful thought including where, when and how. Believe us when we say that the little details can create the perfect proposal.

The Ring

A lot of people feel that a proposal without the ring isn’t a real proposal.  Even if you aren’t brave enough to choose the ring without their input, either choose one with an option to exchange or use a family ring as a stopgap until you can select the real one together.

If you are choosing the ring do plenty of research.  Look at their style and choice of jewellery to help – do they wear yellow gold, white gold or platinum.  Finding out their ring size can be tricky and could involve an element of detective work by sneaking an unworn ring to the jewellers to have it measured.

Think carefully of style and size and get expert advice to ensure you are getting the best ring for your budget.

The important things to look for are the four C’s – Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat Weight.

Remember they will be wearing this for the rest of their life, so choose well.


Most people dream of the perfect proposal, so the challenge is on.  Select a location that either has special meaning to them, where you had your first date, their favourite restaurant or best loved walk or somewhere really breath taking.  If you are planning to propose in public, is this something they would really want?  This is a time for the two of you and adding extra people into the mix could be overwhelming and not get the response you were hoping for.  There is plenty of time to share the news with the world when the two of you have had your special moment in your own romantic bubble.

If you need help getting them to the location or with any of the planning, be very careful who you confide in.  The more people involved the more risk there is of spoiling the surprise.

For a proposal in a restaurant or hotel you can call on the staff to ensure all your needs are met.  They will be experts at helping in these situations and can help arrange any added extras you may want.

So however you plan to ask the big question plan it carefully and remember to enjoy the moment.